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Register! Business and Employment Best Practices for Manufacturers Today

30 Sep 2019 9:21 PM | Sarah Crowell (Administrator)

Legal and Employment Best Practices for Manufacturers Today

Date: October 23, 2019

Time: 7:30 AM - 1:30 PM CDT (Lunch will be provided)

Location: Downtown Duluth Holiday Inn, 200 W 1st Street, Duluth, MN  55802

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It isn’t easy running a manufacturing company. In addition to finding new employees and working in a highly-competitive environment, there seems to be an endless list of tax, legal and compliance matters to consider. What is a fair assessed value for our property and how do I get the assessor to understand it?  What exactly is wage theft and how will it impact our business? How do all these agreements with our customers and suppliers work together? Are we handling our trade secrets and confidential information correctly?

This seminar is tailor-made for busy executives and HR professionals. We will cut through the clutter to give you the essential tools you need to keep up with the changing legal scene. We may even be able to help you recover some costs on property tax and find new sources of revenue with intellectual property you already own.

Our four presenters will provide clear and succinct information on the following essential topics:

  • Risks in Employment Practices: The recent Minnesota Wage Theft Act is causing confusion for executives and HR departments statewide.  What does the statute require?  What are best practices?  And how did it change existing law? We’ll also take a look at new laws governing items like overtime, sick and safe time and other benefits and discuss what every business needs for employee handbooks and policies.   
  • Key Terms in Manufacturing Agreements: Confidentiality agreements, supply agreements, quality agreements, terms and conditions, purchase orders…the list goes on. You may have your own contracts, or maybe you’ve borrowed terms from others or simply signed your customers’ forms.  Which terms are important and worth negotiating?  What happens if you simply accept your customers’ forms and demands?  We will look at several agreements and identify the risks and options you have to protect your interests. 
  • Property Tax--Reducing assessed values for owners, tenants and investors.  How to determine whether you are being assessed correctly for existing property, recently-purchased property and recently-improved property and, if not, how to successfully challenge the tax.     
  • Intellectual Property: Identifying and protecting intellectual property that you may already own on the shop floor and with your customers.  A common misconception is that manufacturers do not have a protectable interest in their work.  We will look at the laws and best business practices that protect your intellectual property, from confidential information and trade secrets, to machining processes and patentable products and “uses.” 

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